Why do you wear Hijab?

Why do you wear Hijab?

Muslim women all around the world choose to cover their heads with the veil, which is also known to many as the head scarf or Hijab. Let me ask you this simple question, why? Ponder it for a few minutes. Why do you wear Hijab? and think about how you have answered this question, because as a muslim women that’s probably the first thing some one asks you or thinks about asking you, when first meeting.

Every school or group of friends I ever had asks me “so why do you wear that?”

In my first couple of years wearing the Hijab I experimented with different answers. 

“because in my religion it says a girl must cover”

“For protection and modesty”

” Its my choice as a muslim to cover”

“As a muslim god asks me to cover,and its for my own protection. When I cover it forces people to judge me on my thoughts and actions instead of my body or style of hair.”

The older I came to be the more developed my answer became. As a muslim wearing the Hijab is a form of empowerment. I can honestly say that since wearing the Hijab I have become a different person. I used to be shy and quite. I would stay out of discussions and day dream in LA-LA land. But, since wearing the hijab, I have developed  a stronger personality. And I love my religion and everything it stands for.

So, just remember this: wearing the Hijab everywhere you go shows people that you believe in what you  stand for and are not afraid to show it. And no matter where you go , you will find a sister wearing a hijab; linking muslim women all around the world.


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